getting used to wordpress

Posted: December 11, 2012 in depression, mental health

i’ve been blogging over at blogger for years! and usually blogging about fluffy, furry, cute, lovable stuff. No more. I’m here to blog about my REAL life and my real issues without the ‘old’ bloggers following me. This blog is real, about my mental illness. BUT it’s taking tons of time to figure it out. hell, why is the picture in my last post not showing? shit like that. anywho, hopefully some of you will start coming around and commenting, making me feel not so alone in this mental health hell journey.

was almost hospitalized (petitioned) today by my case manager. my depression meds just aren’t working to keep my suicidal thoughts away. so i called down there to the clinic. he told me that they only maintain the meds and if I need to be stabilized on meds to go inpatient. well as it stands the doc will call me tomorrow when he’s in to let me know if they will call in a higher dose of something or what the hell is gonna happen.

i hate this damn med game, i tell ya.

really cannot go inpatient before christmas, ya know.


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