finding a psychiatrist and social security

Posted: December 17, 2012 in social security

so I applied for social sec. in Jan/Feb this year. Was denied in Sept. Got my attorney and we are appealing. She tells me that my NP nurse pract. isn’t good enough for SS purposes to qualify, that they don’t look at the NP’s as legit.  Well I’m with a clinic because I was diagnosed SMI serious mental illness this year. I got on the state services in terms of meds and labs only, no counseling because my income is $24 too high monthly. I have good BC/BS insurance thru my husband’s work and it will cost me $25 a visit to get a good psychiatrist. I want to do one on one counseling with a good psych, plus this will look more legit for social security purposes. oh this long damn long road with social security. in the meantime, i work very p/t at home making under the $1,000/month required to still receive SS. any suggestions in terms of the psych? anyone else on SS who can shed some light on this? my depresssion has been awful lately and the holidays are awful on me. i feel like going inpatient just to avoid them 😦


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