Posted: December 26, 2012 in depression, mental health, SMI

talk to me about cutting.

being a cutter.

why did it start. 

what was the mindset.

how did it happen?

how old you were the first time?

i will be 41 on the 29th of this month and why in the last month has that all i’ve been thinking about. never cut before in my life. i don’t want to kill myself necessarily.  i just want pain gone . i’m thinking this might be a good release. i know logically it does not work to get rid of pain.

please tell me.

help me.

inform me.

no judgements please. i am suffering lately.

  1. […] And the answer is because I frequent the “mental health” tag on wordpress and found a woman asking for advice about urges to cut. Even when I had slight urges to cut, I never really understood the […]

  2. Please dont cut, its not pleasant or a good mindset to get yourself into. try doing something else.

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