Posted: January 15, 2013 in depression, mental health

finally some relief from this depressive (year) episode.
I am on Lamictal now, I’m up to 50 mg. I have to cut the 100 mg in half, as the pharmacy does not sell the 50.
I’m on Lamictal and Lexapro (both generic) and it seems like once the hospital added the Lamictal I’ve been doing better.
I still have self harm thoughts daily but am no longer wanting to act on them.
My circumstances have not really changed. But for some reason I’m doing better.
Let’s hope this continues on the upswing.
I sure am wiped out of the depressive feelings.
I’ve been struggling mentally for a year (since last Jan).
Gets tiring being negative about everything.

Anywho, wanted to share.
I’m so glad I found a great group of bloggers that are dealing with the same issues, I don’t feel so alone.



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