hopsital and BPD

Posted: January 22, 2013 in BPD, depression, hospitalization, mental health

had a major breakdown yesterday. started cutting my arm up.
went to the emergency room.
they transported me via ambulance to the psych hospital.
they kept me for 24 hour observation.
gave me Vistaril (anxiety) and a sleep medication.
Came home today.
I feel tons better, for no real apparent reason.
No reason for the breakdown yesterday.
The only difference this time is they diagnosed me with BPD-borderline personality disorder.
or so they think? I just dunno.
I am so sick of all these damn diagnoses, but I do, however, agree with me having BPD-all the symptoms are there.
So here I am. Back home.
Still depressed, but not as bad.
and relaxing.
with my cuppa coffee.
thanks for all your help when you come by here, comment, and give me support. I sure don’t have many others to rely on.
big hugs.
anyone know anything about BPD that I should know? sheesh, it’s always something…


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