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Posted: February 24, 2013 in depression, friends, mental health

why why why why do I chase down friends?

I posted last time about a friend that I have (or i think I do).

I’ve just met her in September last year.

We got very close very fast as friends. Did stuff together with the whole family. etc.

Now she is like non-existent. Never texts (first). Never calls. on and on. She is not MEAN, just distant. Whenever we talk it’s fine, no problems.

But she’s so damn passive aggressive. I think I attract these types of people.

So I decided to address it head on and send her a text. Basically stating “are we ok? hope it’s not something I did, and i hope we’re ok” or something like this.

WHY why why why do I always chase down friends. It’s like they leave in silence and I never know why they leave. People just don’t communicate anymore. they rather leave “quietly” thinking they won’t hurt your feelings that way.
Well with me it’s different because in my life I’ve had so much damn NEGLECT that it’s worse for me to be ignored and neglected than to be yelled at or told what I did /am doing wrong.

WTF? People make it very difficult for me to be their friend. Guess it’s my BPD????
Seems like WE as the mental health consumers always have to accept that it’s US making the problems and that everyone “normal” has their shit together and it’s not their problem. WTF?

input? advice?

good grief…Says Charlie Brown…


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