tackling the systems

Posted: April 17, 2013 in depression, emotions, off topic

you know what this post is about.
fighting the systems in your country.
begging for benefits.
begging for help.
wanting what is yours.
what is right.
so today i was on the phone (first for an hour on hold). next another hour. just to see if i qualify for nutrition assistance.
now, mind you…
i am no longer working.
my husband is working. makes measley (sp?) wages.
2 kids we feed at home.
one who is autistic, disabled himself.
so after 2 hours. we do not qualify.
what a waste of time. i want my 2 hours back to my life. lol.
never again!
i’m so frustrated with these systems.
why why why!
if i could work i surely would.
these systems are more of a hassle than working! sheesh!


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