been a while since i’ve posted last

Posted: April 4, 2013 in depression, emotions, mental health, social security

not surprising, considering my life has been pretty down.
i hate to just come here and bitch about life.
we all have our good days and bad days.
lately mine have been more bad than good.
so i got denied (a second time) with social security benefits (USA). Basically the government is denying that I am disabled and denying they have to pay anything to help me out.
so i appealed once again, with my attorney, and will probably have to wait another YEAR! to get a hearing in front of a court judge. this process in the U.S. is unbearable!
I went to my psych the other day and i was just balling, crying my eyes out.
she said i am unable to work and should stop working. currently i am very p/t from home doing medical transcription.
i agreed with her.
working makes me more ill.
more sick.
more stressed.
on and on.
not sure how we will live on just my husband’s income.
someone we will figure it out. not sure.
just wanted to post and let you know i am still here, just distant. i’ve been isolating a lot lately. bad, i know…


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